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Get on top of the rings clinic

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Muscle Up Clinic
Looking to improve your performance during this year’s CrossFit Open season? On March 6th, 2016, from 1-2:30pm, CrossFit Moncton will be hosting a clinic on how to perform a muscle up led by Coach Shane Hayes. During the clinic participants will learn the foundational movements involved in performing a muscle up along with skills and drills that will increase proficiency on the rings and reinforce good movement patterns that are essential to mastering the muscle up. Ample time will be spent reviewing the technique of the muscle up along with frequent errors and general movement patterns that will help bridge the gap between common knowledge about body movement and the muscle up. Participants will then be given time to practice specific drills and movements that will be linked together in order to complete a muscle up.
Prerequisites: at least 3 strict pullups OR 1 chest-to-bar

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