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Small Change Lifestyle Challenge V2.

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Are you ready for a change?!
Are you ready to feel better? Perform better? Recovery faster?

Well get ready to jumpstart your goals with the CFM Small Change Lifestyle Challenge. It’s not simply a nutrition challenge, although that is a part of it, it’s much more! You will have an opportunity to focus on 3 key habits for health based on nutrition, sleep, and fitness and 3 more individualized small lifestyle changes. The habits you choose can be almost anything, as long as they make a positive change in your life. Some examples of these include but are not limited to…

Pack your lunch (for work or have your lunch prepped if you work from home, I’m looking at you moms!)
No alcohol (only if you want...don’t worry, it isn’t a mandatory habit)
Floss every day (not the dance...floss your teeth...or do the dance if that will bring you joy and improve your mood)
Limit social media to 1 hour or less a day (check your phone, how much are you using social media? Imagine how much you could get done if you used it for 50% less? 75% less?! Not at all for a week?)
Plank for a certain amount of time per day (1 minute? 5 minutes? More?! Let’s build that core!)

The sky’s the limit! (I have many more options in case you need more inspiration!)

Week One, you will follow the 3 key habits for health…
Nutrition - eat 800 grams of vegetables and fruit a day
Sleep - 7 hours a night
Fitness - no more than 2 days off in a row
Week Two, you will continue with the 3 key habits for health and add 1 of your own.
Week Three, you will continue with the 3 key habits for health, week two’s individual choice, and add 1 more.
Week Four, you will continue with the 3 key habits for health, week two and three’s individual choice, and add 1 more.
Week Five and Six, you will solidify all 6 habits into your life.

In your registration you will receive…

CFM Small Change Lifestyle Challenge registration
2 InBody Scans (one at the beginning and one at the end) to see what big changes your small changes created!
Access to CFM Small Change Lifestyle Challenge Facebook group for support and tips
Habit Tracker (A digital version that you can use either online or print for those of you that are old school)...or use your own app (as long as you can share your weekly results with the trainer)
Support to help you launch your goals into action!

Are you ready to make some small lifestyle changes?! Let’s do it together!

March 2, 2020-April 11, 2020

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