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CFM 5-hour Ruck Event

Price: $40.00

Item Description

Who wants anything easy in life? We want to earn it, we want to struggle, we want to embrace a little suck. WHY? For that feeling of perseverance overall!!!
At 1900h, October 26th, 2018 the CFM Ruck team will infiltrate via foot, deep inside the Greater Moncton area.
Objective: execute a team based endurance event covering lessons in team work, leadership, communication and pushing your comfort zone.
Packing list:
-Bricks or weights that meet weight requirement (10lb - ladies / 20lb - men)
-Min 2L water (hydration bladder recommended)
-Cab fare if you need to bail (we hope you don’t)
-Reflective band on your ruck

Recommended :
-Windbreaker/Light jacket
-Dry sacks and hard cases for valuables
-Anything else you need to stay warm and dry (extra socks)

-As a team you will be required to bring 1 – 25lb team weight

Contact / Phone Number

Call Now (506) 962-0710