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If you made a small change to your nutrition every day, imagine how far you’d go in a year!
Habits are created by doing small things over and over. And we have a PROVEN plan to get you there.
The Precision Nutrition program starts with a questionnaire. We dig deep into your life, your current habits and your goals. This will allow a fully-customized approach to YOUR plan.
Here’s how it works:
Every day - you get a lesson to read and a small task to do.
Every week - you measure and record your progress.
Every 2 weeks - you get a new habit to try and practice. Some will have Level 1 or Level 2.
Every month - you upload a photo as part of your progress tracking.
For all 12 months - you will have full access to Kevin as a coach. If you get stuck, you'll hear from him. If you succeed, you'll hear from him.
We’ll start with concrete habits and evolve into more open-ended habits midway though. This gives you a chance to create a solid foundation and build off your successes.

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